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Στο άγνωστο με βάρκα … τις επιλογές σου

Ο Κίμων Γκολογκίνας είναι Co-Founder των #Artpeckers. Ένα brand που γεννήθηκε σε μια πολύ κρίσιμη περίοδο για την χώρα μας και πλέον έχει αγαπηθεί από όλο τον κόσμο!

Έρχεται στο TEDxChania για να μας διηγηθεί μια ιστορία ονείρων, δημιουργίας και επιχειρηματικότητας γεμάτη σταυροδρόμια.

Co-founder of Artpeckers

Κίμων Γκολογκίνας

Kimon Gkologkinas was born in Thessaloniki where he lives until today. During his studies at the School of Civil Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki he was a volunteer in many projects concerned about public space rethinking and the techniques of natural building and bioclimatic architecture. At that time, he became also the co-founder of the film group Pame Krema, and directed two short films. His passion about storytelling as well as his restless personality led him to founding the ‘’Artpeckers’’ brand in 2016. Even since, every day is a life lesson.

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