Re-turning point

To workshop “re-turning point” αφορά στα βασικά της ζωής. Αφορά στο σημείο εκείνο που μπορούμε να επιστρέφουμε κάθε φορά ώστε η ζωή μας να είναι γεμάτη γαλήνη και ηρεμία. Ώστε ο χρόνος μας πάντα αξιοποιήσιμος και να μην επιτρέπουμε σε κανέναν να μας τον κλέβει.

Σύμβουλος καριέρας

Γίωργος Γούλας

George Goulas is a well-trained, efficient & effective Career Advisor and Coach! People who have worked with him can easily recognize his passion, empathy and professionalism! They would recommend him as a friendly person, full of humor and energy that can unexpectedly affect your career in a positive and sustainable way. He has gained rich skills and experiences from his professional career in HR Services of large and important organizations where he conducted thousands of interviews for selection, evaluation and investigation of staff needs. He utilizes coaching and counseling methods, provides career guidance services and trains people & organizations in critical skills to achieve their goals!

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Upcoming event: Turning Points

DECEMBER 10th 2022

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